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Gypsum_Blocks_Jass Gypsum Blocks/Gypsum Bricks

Gypsum Blocks/Gypsum Bricks

gypsum Blocks/Gypsum Bricks

A new generation ITALIAN technology - first time in Kerala. It is the result of an extensive research & is stepping forward to make revolution in the world of building construction. Jass wonder bricks gets its speciality from gypsum base thus providing double protection living upto the expectations.

Usually bricks need full time protection under various circumstances of atmosphere & temperature. Jass Gypsum bricks undoubtedly provides protection at all circumstances. Important being Jass Gypsum Bricks' economical features which assures time, money and labour savings & provides 100% protection in exchange of just few bucks.


As we all know, sand is one of the primary necessity in the field of construction. The main problem concerning the construction arena in Kerala and all over India is non-availability of sand. Sand in Kerala is on the verge of extinction and hence it became absolutely necessary to find an alternative for sand to withstand the ever increasing demand in infrastructure. Keeping these points in view, We the "Jass Blocks and Coatings Pvt Ltd team" are glad to have developed an industry revolutionary product called as the Gypsum Bricks. Gypsum Bricks are the result of extensive research carried out by our team over the course of 8 years.

gypsum_plaster Gypsum Plaster for Smooth Surface Finish

Gypsum Plaster

gypsum_plaster_big Gypsum Plaster

Gypsum Plaster Gives You Smooth Wall Surface Finish. Gypsum Plaster does not crack and can be easily applied on any type of walls

gypsum._wall_putty.jpg Gypsum Wall Putty For Smooth Wall Finish

Gypsum Wall Putty

gypsum._wall_putty_big Gypsum Wall Putty

Gypsum Wall Putty Gives You Smooth Wall Surface Finish. Gypsum Wall Putty does not crack and can be easily applied on any type of walls

gypsum._plaster_of_paris gypsum plaster of paris/POP Powder For Interiors

Gypsum Plaster of Paris

gypsum._plaster_of_paris_big Gypsum Plaster of Paris

Gypsum Plaster of Paris

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