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Gypsum Blocks/Bricks : Jass Gypsum Wonder Blocks
The 10 wonders of Jass Gypsum Blocks


1. 'ONE DAY' Wonder Walls

'ONE DAY' Wonder Walls
a. 1 mason /shift can make 400 sqft area of brick works easily using Jass Gypsum blocks.
b. 1 painter/shift can paint the area following brick work the same day without application of putty. (use only water based cement primer prior to painting)
c. Same method can be adopted for exterior walls also.


3. No Sand/ Cement/ Water

Doesn't require sand, cement, water (curing), etc. for construction.

5. Saves 40% labour for plastering and putty

Saves more than 40 % of labour & material cost.


7. Saves electricity bills

Reduces 60% of the room heat providing with a cooling environment and thus saves electricity bills.


9. Intensity of impact resistance

With Rabbet and Tenon channel fixed among the Gypsum Blocks using adhesives, the impact load resistance performance of the wall with gypsum blocks is much higher than that of ordinary clay bricks of the same thickness.


2. Light weight

Because of the light weight, handling cost is very less which saves the cost of bearing structure and foundation treatment.


4. Total weight loading of building

Saves more than 50% structural weight because of the light weight of Jass Gypsum blocks
requiring no interior/ exterior plastering.


6. Earthquake resistant

Capable of absorbing the excursion and dirtortion, thus greatly reducing the degree of earthquake destruction. Thus gypsum block is an excellent material for high buildings for earthquake resistance.


8. Fire proofing

Absorbs maximum heat prior to temperature rise. The calcium sulphate without water can resist the fire well and thus prevents from catching fire.


10. Cleaner construction sites

As Gypsum Block uses dry adhesives, it can be undertaken quickly and simply without any kind of garbage.

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